Assen is my city..

The place where i grew up

I love this city,

 and the feeling that it gives to us

this is my city 

and i never want to leave

there’s so much that it has achieved….

oh, everything has changed..



Everything is improved or made better,

But the only thing that really matters,

Is that the feeling stays the same

We will still remember what is gone,

And wait for all that’s gonna come,

So everything will change,

But the good feeling must stay the same





Just like the city

Our theater has outgrown it’s home, 

so he had to have a new one

Now a cultural centre’s been built

and the wish of a new Kolk has been fulfilled

and  the library and the cinema went together,

with the theater… 

so even though it has a different place, may be much bigger and have a different face

Everything will change but the good feeling will stay the same



Go China was the expositions name,

And partly from that Assen got it’s cultural fame

And that has not changed, ‘cause now China is coming back again

Just like the theatre the museum got too small

For all the crowds of people walking through it’s halls

So in a few months, it’s going to grow

Building itself a new and improved home


The new size of the museum now finally fits it’s name

Though  everything has changed,the feeling is still the same …




All has changed

But all these years

The TT stays the same

Celebration all night and day

Motorcycles everywhere

Everybody s going there